The Villas for Sale in Dubai search gets better for residents

villas for sale in dubaiThe year 2014 has brought some good information for Dubai residents on the look-out for villas for sale in Dubai. 2014 therefore so far has been a year of stabilization and consolidation, while 2013 saw property process rise and rents at a break-neck pace. Obviously the rents property prices, and in addition to Dubai residents continue to be edging up, Continue reading

Apartments for rent in Dubai sector to get overheated according to speculations

apartments for rent in Dubai

The UAE property market might be “overheating” and rental returns in its two most affluent sheikhdoms suggest “growing imbalances,” in line with the issuing authority. Typical costs of apartments for rent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have grown faster than rents, and such differences may be “used to determine imbalances in the home marketplace,” the main bank stated in its 2013 fiscal stability statement.

While “retrieval of rental costs began at least a couple of weeks before the deal costs had bottomed, development price of apartments for rent in Dubai was considerably lower compared to increase in costs,” in line with the issuing authority. Continue reading