Top 5 real estate markets in Asia

Are you looking for a secure investment option that is also reliable? If you are ready to commit to a long-term investment plan, then real estate is a timeless choice. When it comes to real estate investment, do not confine your options to your place of residence. Both commercial and residential properties of various types make great investments. Whether you reside in Dubai or in any other part of the world, picking the most profitable real estate markets makes investment easy. Dubai real estate market is known to be one of the most lucrative options for investors with all budget options. Here are the top real estate markets in Asia.


DubaiDubai real estate market

To buy luxury property, Dubai real estate is one of the most popular choices. Dubai homes boast of a variety of premium architectural themes. To compliment them, each Dubai property also comes with posh interiors and other options. 



bangkok real estate market

Bangkok real estate market, this is another city that offers a huge selection of luxury properties. Affordable condos to premium penthouses, the options are many when it comes to choosing a property in Bangkok. The teeming tourism industry also offers a stable rental income. 



singapore real estate market

From world-class education to an active job market, Singapore real estate market offers all the essentials for a stable lifestyle. Singapore is, therefore, one of the other rapidly growing real estate markets. 


Hong Kong

hong kong real estate market

The urban lifestyle on a posh island is what Hong Kong real estate market offers. Fluctuating markets and good returns are imminent with property purchases in Hong Kong. 



manila real estate market

Though foreigners cannot buy land in Manila real estate market, there are many types of apartments to consider. Relatively affordable properties are easy to come by in this fast-growing city. 


Besides owning a property in Dubai real estate market, the above are the other popular Asian markets among real estate investors. Owning Dubai villas, apartments or townhouses, or owning a property in any of these Asian cities is easy today. 

Meydan Villas for Sale

meydan villas for sale

It is safe to say that Dubai is one of the cities that revolutionized and popularized the concept of villas and row houses in gated communities. One of the iconic gated communities that led to this popularity of the villa market in Dubai is the Meydan Gated community for villas. If you are looking for Meydan villas for sale, here is an overview of what this neighborhood offers for its residents.

Located in Al Meydan Road, Nad Al Sheba Meydan is just a 10 minutes drive from Dubai Mall and a 12-minute drive from Burj Khalifa.

District One is the residential area in Meydan, while Freezone houses commercial complexes. This luxury residential neighborhood brings world-class facilities and lush green campus for a family-friendly option. There is a 7-km stretch of waterbody for swimming, kayaking, and other water-based sports. The community houses 26 million sqft of open spaces in the form of parks, green corridors, walking trails, cycling trails, and more.

Options for everyone
From villas to apartments and townhouses, there are many residential options in Meydan. The trendy Emirates airline housing area is also located in this community. There are 3 main styles available when you sale villas in Meydan City- contemporary, Modern Arabic and Mediterranean. Interiors and exteriors with the finer details in architecture, size of parking spaces and gardens, and other such parameters vary based on the villa-style you choose. This also provides diversity in the saleal rates that you can choose from when you opt for Meydan villas for sale.

Reasons to sale a villa in Meydan
Here are some reasons to pick Meydan villas for sale
• The very popular Meydan One Mall is easy to access
• Spaciously planned layout provides a less crowded community that feels fresh and diffesale from the crowded city outside.
• Safe and dedicated running and cycling tracks and other such unique amenities in the community are some rare finds in the bustling city.

Saleing a Meydan City property comes with the perks of access to endless choices in entertainment options for the entire family.

Driven Properties Now Offers Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Dubai Real Estate Services

bitcoin Dubai real estate

Housing is amongst the 3 main requirements of man, and it requires a large proportion of the month-to-month pay of people. Those looking to purchase or rent a property in Dubai normally sort through property directory websites to find the right company with a better offer. Since Dubai property acquisition requires plenty of cash, payment with cash is constantly not a viable option. The majority of people would like to pay using their credit card or bank transfer, however they are concerned about their privacy. Therefore, Driven Properties has made a decision to address the difficulty by launching the addition of cryptocurrency bitcoin among their payment methods. The declaration of blockchain support will help those intending to purchase Dubai property with Bitcoin in order to make transaction conveniently without revealing their sensitive facts.

Renting or purchasing a Dubai real estate with cryptocurrency hasn’t been simple for the majority of people because of a shortage of support for digital money. The bank transaction charges, wait around in crediting account, and safety problems are probably the concerns of people with regards to investing in a real estate property by means of some payment methods. To help remedy this problem, the Dubai renowned property company has made a decision to add bitcoin in their payment methods. They are providing travelers the genuine convenience of property away from their residence minus limiting their discretion.

In the Dubai housing market, digital currency like bitcoin is still to hit the mainstream as a payment system. So, Driven made a decision to incorporate cryptocurrencies to permit everybody to purchase property without the need to seek advice from their financial adviser. It is a development which will benefit overseas and regional customers because they can pay money for their chosen property with digital currency.

One of the real estate agents said, “Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are decentralized stock markets, which indicate that, they don’t have a central regulation on the financial networking. They are unpredictable electronic currencies with the cost variation decided by users and miners. In addition, purchases in cryptocurrency are ready, easy, and entice less charges. That is why, we now have made a decision to support bitcoin as a payment system.

Driven Properties is providing the most in demand property projects in Dubai and assists cryptocurrency transaction to provide every person an opportunity to pay for luxury living in Dubai lacking stress and anxiety. It’s a convenient way of payment for those desiring luxury living and traveling to Dubai. That is why, there exists a need to make the most of this chance to get an apartment or a villa in the world’s fastest developing country by way of a instant payment method.

Life in JBR Dubai

jbr dubai

Are you looking for a happening place in Dubai? Do you love wave haven beaches with a pleasing seashore? The Jumeirah Beach Residence apartments for sale are featured just near Dubai Marina and the only best lively area that the city can ever have. JBR Walk, Dubai Tram, and the Skydive Dubai experience happen right over here.


Who enjoys JBR the most?

This place is more enjoyed by singles or young people who are extroverts, especially. It is for the more vibrant and energetic individuals looking for lively western culture. It is a central hub for live music and entertainment. People gather at night for a drink and their favorite meal with a pleasant stroll on the seaside. Fireworks and entertainment during national events and holidays drive the most spirited young individuals to celebrate and have fun..!! Outdoor activities keep this Dubai Off plan crowded with increased noise and traffic levels. It is a busy place for enjoyment..!!


Life at JBR is exotic

Even during the day, we have a huge crowd moving through the entire JBR properties. They go on shopping, getting kitchen provisions, plan for a take away from the plentiful restaurants, and enjoy by The Walk. It is slightly calm compared to the nights, and the people enjoy gazing at the Ain Dubai in Bluewaters that gets moving and seems lively and also views the Palm Jumeirah stretch from the JBR beach. The beige-colored buildings give a luxurious feel and make way for a class living in the JBR apartments.


It is provided with all the necessary amenities and entertainment sufficient to lead a happy and peaceful life. Schools, hospitals, supermarkets, fitness centers, safety establishments, and regular water supply and power back up make life simple and easy for especially the women. Enjoy the lovely and lively experience in JBR Dubai now and forever..!! 

What you need to know when buying property in Dubai?

Irrespective of whether you are actually relocating to the emirate of Dubai or in the process of buying a property in Dubai is not complicated or confusing when you finally get acquainted with the proper procedures to create a rewarding purchase. The real estate sector in Dubai is a flourishing marketplace which is anticipated to get growing for years to come.

It is by no means a loss of capital when buying Dubai real estate marketplace regardless of whether it is at its highest point or not for property is definitely the most secure investment option. The emirate is the preferred place to reside in and work in and buying a new property is definitely an interesting move particularly if it is in a land that promises you plenty of fun filled times as well as a deluxe way of life.

You ought to develop a community check anytime you are considering or thinking about buying a property. To ensure that you have selected the perfect location for your needs and your loved ones, you need to understand your priorities. If what you are actually searching for is actually a location next to a school, mall, doctor’s offices or restaurants then you certainly should search only for properties that are in prominent areas like Business Bay.

If you’re looking to purchase a part of property particularly like areas like Business Bay Dubai? Properties of high demand would appear quite attractive to a buyer, nevertheless, would drive individuals purchasing with the intention of moving in immediately. The objective of what you bought is really important in the acquiring process. The requirements by which you are likely to select a property for yourself will alter considerably from an acquisition you will be making for other individuals to profit from.

The real estate market in Dubai is varied and loaded with an abundance of properties choices to pick from like AG Tower Business Bay. Therefore, in order to avoid yourself from being confused; it is important to turn to the assistance of a local real estate agent like Driven Properties. Specialized and expert real estate agents understand the marketplace very well and they’re going to help you in making an acquisition that meets your finances and criteria. Agents will also respond to any queries you’ve got in regards to the security of a vicinity, its amenities, facilities and more.

Establishing a spending budget from the beginning can help you save both money and time. By establishing a certain budget, your agent should be able to successfully find you a residential property that meets your economic situation. Establishing a spending budget is likely to make it simpler to help you determine if you want to a home loan or not. What is particularly impressive that establishing a spending budget is to make certain that purchasing a real estate will not impact your other monetary obligation, or else, is going to be far better to delay your investing decision perfect up until you steady your finance first.

Demand of Luxury in Dubai Property Market Increases

Driven Properties

Expo 2020 is expected to make a sizable impact on the Dubai property market. The probable increase in economic activity ought to provide a thrust to the financial state and develop improvement hopes.

A previous couple of months have supplied a series of opinions, viewpoints, worries and possibilities for those with a fascination in Dubai property market, no matter if they are looking to enter, exit or maybe just purchase something. But even though the range of sales, in general, is noticeably downward, prices are left steady.

Well, the thing that should be realized from the get-go is that ultra-prime property functions in a method that bears little if any likeness to most of the real estate sector. And for this reason, involvement in the Dubai real estate sector from foreign investors continues to be very sturdy regardless of the market decline.

In spite of economic issues in other parts of the world and property prices falling in various places and sectors, there’s always an individual, somewhere on earth that feels it’s the best time to be investing in high-end properties. And consumers at this level are more sophisticated. They are usually looking to add to an existing portfolio and have a collection of real estate agents who are professionals in Dubai property sales; which means that they know specifically what they want and when to snatch it up.

Dubai might just be amongst the very few universal locations where you can find a clear difference between non-commercial and luxury property market and it isn’t just on pricing.

Prospective buyers in the luxury niche are looking to find certain factors and features when purchasing the best domestic developments in Dubai, primarily targeting on prime location.

It is apparent that throughout the present time period uncertainty, as the UAE financial state is going to continue to adjust, that prospective buyers are hedging their investment by increasingly buying in locations that will certainly generally have an appeal above others, in sites such as the Palm Jumeirah. And the accessibility of desirable residences in these communities.

Supply in the luxurious category is still rather limited in Dubai, which has its favourable aspects for buyers. Need for such properties exceeds supply and it is the asymmetry between needs and supply that reduces cost lessons.

Luxury developments will certainly boost Dubai property sector state as a worldwide financial investment hub and further appeal to the rich men and women. Nonetheless, the properties must please the ever-changing needs of wealthy potential buyers and it is equally important to avoid oversupply.

As of now, you will find signals of market growth in the sector, with Dubai luxury real estate market witnessing a rise in transitions.

With Expo 2020 coming up to, quicker than anybody quite thought of it would, the influx of tourist and having the world’s interest completely fixated on Dubai property sector.

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Buyers demand will increase for Dubai Real Estate in 2018

dubai real estateRents at Dubai real estate will continue to Diminish, Leading to Return Compression in many locations, in accordance with another economy standpoint.

As 20 17 found, “a very clear tendency in residential sales prices remains evasive.”

“Back in 2018, an Assortment of economic parameters in Dubai real estate have been “Further leasing reclines, the continuing strength of the US Dollar and also the impending — probably limited inflationary impacts of the introduction of VAT from the emirate are typical anticipated to squeeze investment returns”

If the business is undergoing downwards adjustments in lifts and return compression in a few areas, the underlying principles with this particular compression vary substantially by section

This, then, resigned leasing requirement and caused prices to gradually stabilize over 20 17.

At the event we anticipate costs to keep on stabilizing from the upper and prime midmarket segment, as the present reduction in rents is expected to gallop, allowing return compression to slow down.

At the economical and reduced mid-market section, nevertheless, stronger declines in purchase prices and just small declines in prices between 2014 and 2016 enabled returns to grow, increasing buyer requirements. The majority of the consumer demand, nevertheless, was out of shareholders, instead of clients.

Invest or buyers keep being attracted to the cheap Dubai properties as a result of latest high yields and repayment plans while a couple of real estate companies see robust off-plan trade volumes within a reassuring sign and keep bringing more stock into the current market.

Given that new Dubai real estate projects distribution pipeline is looming with large off-plan deliveries at the run-up into 2020, the high returns expected by most investors place hand over, are not likely to be continuing.

The analysis also discovered that while maximizing rates in Dubai’s Office marketplace are high and rental acquisition costs stay low, a potent comeback over the duration of the subsequent 3 years implies that there’ll be downward pressure on yields and rents.

In Addition, the report mentioned that the UAE’s REIT industry “saw expansion quicken over 2016-2017” with quite a few high profile acquisitions.

Given that REITs now signify a particularly little share of those UAE’s recorded real estate market in contrast to other worldwide hubs, the Industry is predicted to keep on expanding through the midterm. Potentially raise financing paths for programmers in addition to provide smaller Investors usage of property investments that are real.